Iliana Haro

Corporate Consultants



We assist our clients in all kind of transactions reviewing and advising them from real state purchase, sale and mortgage contracts to financing, leasing, general commercial contracts, wills, and trusts.


Our multilingual and multicultural consultants give our clients a competitive advantage during negotiations and closing transactions.


The main goal for foreign businesses to enter our country market and for Mexican companies to enter foreign markets is to close numerous contracts to distribute and provide therir products and services.


HAVA provides general business legal advice, assists in structuring and implementing major transactions, drafts agreements to address unique business arrangements and helps its clients during all the negotiating process of their operations.


We also advise our clients with respect to a broad range of transactions and specific business relationships. We focus our expertise in structuring and negotiating strategic contracts and agreements for resource and product acquisition, distribution, development, infraestructure development, goverment contracts and market penetration, as well as all related agreements, such as marketing, distribution, license,  managament, services and supply agreements.


Structuring and negotiating these transactions requires besides legal guidance and counseling, substantial business experience, which we can provide through our experts team.









We work together with our clients´ team to achieve the best solutions to their corporate and commercial legal requirements

Contract Services

HAVA´s contracts services has over twenty years of combined legal experience in civil commercial contracts, including:


·  Assets purchases agreements

·  Joint ventures

·  Consulting agreements

·  Employment agreements

·  Management agreements

·  Strategic alliance agreements

·  Confidentiality agreements

·  Letters of intent

·  Intellectual property agreements

·  Supply agreements

·  Loan agreements

·  Lease agreements

·  Privacy statements

·  Electronic communications statements

·  Trust formation and amendments

·  Profit sharing agreements and dividend policies