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HAVA´s corporate law services department was established to provide a range of company legal,  compliance and secretarial, services to domestic and international corporations as well as legal corporate counseling for investors, partners and shareholders.

We handle all legal aspects of corporations and business entities and nonprofit organizations from the incorporation process and annual shareholder meetings to complex corporate restructuring.

Our team of corporate lawyers have a broad experience in all aspects of business law, from purchase and sale of businesses entities, due diligences, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures and shareholder agreements to securities and corporate governance.





We understand the key issues and how to get corporate transactions done efficiently and at a cost that makes business sense.  We provide quality service and advice while at the same time we develop an in-depth familiarity with our client’s business, culture and legal needs.

The long-term relationships that we maintain with our clients facilitate the efficiency of our services and so we become an integral part of our client’s management team.

Our Corporate Law expertise evolves continually in step with changing economic and industry cycles, as well as legislative developments in fields such as taxation, competition law, environmental compliance and corporate governance, among other legal matters.

Our highly skilled and experienced corporate law attorneys have had years of experience handling major transactions at some of the biggest and most prestigious multinational companies in the country in a variety of sectors including retail, telecommunications, construction, tourism and hospitality industry, banking and insurance among others.

We specialize in both public and private corporate mergers, as well as in private equity and international/ cross-border transactions.

We have represented numerous national and international clients engaged in takeovers, reverse takeovers, corporate mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and due diligences.

Our success in corporate and commercial law is based on a strong commitment to provide innovative and experienced legal advice; a profound ability to understand business and economic requirements; and a solid motivation on achieving the best legal outcome for our clients. 




HAVA is constantly able to assess each client individual circumstances and suggest an appropriate course of action, based on his particular conditions and needs

HAVA specializes in corporate legal services such as, but not limited to:

·  Incorporation or establishment of for profit and non for profit entities

·  Corporate acquisitions

·  Amending of By Laws, Articles of Association, and other corporate documents

·  Domestic and internationals spin offs, mergers and acquisitions

·   Companies’ dissolution and subsequent liquidation

·  Due diligences

·  Corporate governance

·  Partnerships, joint ventures and shareholder agreements

·  Corporate restructuring

·  Advising and coordinating as “in-house lawyer”

·  Secretarial services