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There are a number of reasons because a foreign visitor needs to enter to Mexico. Foreigners wishing to do so must do it with an administrative authorization or Visa which is granted based on the activities that the foreigner will perform while in Mexico along with his immigration status for which he applies.


The Immigration Services department of HAVA has developed integral consulting legal services specialized in migratory issues both for corporations and individuals.  We assist our clients with a top level, high quality legal representation and assistance while we dedicate full time to solve their legal and migratory issues.

Services for corporations

HAVA provides immigration services for multinational companies, which require the presence of foreigners in Mexico to develop their projects, with all the necessary and properly enabled resources to orientate and support the needs of the company and their foreign employees.

The purpose of our legal advice is to help to obtain a work visa or a legal permit that allows the foreigner employee and his family in a given case, to legally enter to Mexico with an specifically authorized activity, while, at the same time we offer to the company the legal security for the requirement or project that the company needs in connection with his foreign employee.

Our corporate clients notice a cost benefit advantage when hiring our immigration services, since their immigration matters are not left in inexperienced hands and they avoid having to make repeated visits to the immigration office, standing in line and dealing with the bureaucracy and extensive paperwork involved in acquiring the immigration documents for their employees, while they save a substantial amount of time, especially when the immigration application is complex.

Services for individuals

Any foreign visitor may apply for a Mexican Visa directly, in person, or by hiring a professional immigration lawyer in Mexico who can handle not only the paperwork and administration on his behalf but also who can advise the visitor which visa may be right for him according to his personal circumstances or letting him to know if it is not possible to obtain it.

In HAVA, we have the experience and resources to help individuals during the application processes for authorizations and permits for persons seeking to visit Mexico for leisure, for retirement, for living, working as well as those seeking permanent residence in Mexico or Mexican Citizenship.




We are constantly able to assess each client individual circumstances and suggest an appropriate course of action, based on his personal conditions and needs, while we keep constant communication and assistance with our clients regarding all matters and actions that need to be handled into account for the assurance of their visa granting.

These are some of the services that the Immigration Services department of HAVA renders: 

  • Obtainment of non-immigrant visa
  • Obtainment of immigrant visa
  • Change of migratory characteristic
  • Change of migratory modality
  • Obtainment of naturalization status
  • Obtainment of Mexican citizenship
  • Non Immigrant visa annual renewal
  • Immigrant visa annual renewal
  • Migratory document cancelation
  • Cancelation of the current migratory status of the foreign before he leaves the country and has no intention to return
  • Notification of the Mexican sponsor company or employer before the end of activities of its foreign employee
  • Obtainment of final exit permit
  • Obtainment certificate of legal stay
  • Change of activity or employer
  • Change of employer´s name
  • Notification of extension of activities
  • Change of marital status
  • Visa reposition
  • Obtainment Entry/Exit Permit
  • Request and management of company’s basic file before the National Mexican Immigration Institute
  • Registration before the National Mexican Foreign Registry of the foreign visitor
  • Obtainment of marriage, adoption or divorce permit
  • Obtainment of permission to execute legal process, acts or contracts

Apostille and Legalization Services

Our Apostille and Legalization services are provided by the Immigration Services department of HAVA, which also specializes in offering expedited document Apostille and legalization services. We have a broad experience in the field so we understand that it is very important for our clients to get their document legalize or apostilled on time.

We also provide a timely consulting service to those individuals and companies seeking for specific legal documents for both personal and business matters.

We can assist you to obtain the following documents among others: 

  • Certificate of Police Record
  • Apostille
  • Legalization
  • Notarization of documents
  • Notarization of Power of Attorneys
  • Permission for a minor to travel without one of the parents or legal guardian
  • Certificates of marital status, adoption, divorce, birth, death
  • Real State Acquisition Permit
  • Official Translations