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Legal Services


The Legal Services department is established on the premise that each of our clients has a unique challenge and needs and deserves to get the best attention. We offer a range of legal services with an emphasis on corporate law.

Our international structure and expertise together with a network of selected correspondent law firms has positioned us to handle a broad number of legal challenges around the world.

The partners of Haro, Vázquez y Asociados, S.C. have held key public sector and in-house positions, heightening our familiarity with complicated business and regulatory environments.

Client service is the key of our practice. We apply our skills and experience to get the balance between legal and commercial risk. The result is an effective, solution focused approach that helps our clients to grow their businesses.

Our success has created enduring business relationships with local and international clients from every industry sector.

Administrative Law

We support our clients by providing professional, timely and knowledgeable legal advice and representation on the wide range of complex and highly-specialized legal administrative issues affecting their business activities.  We strive to prevent and decrease any legal risk that may arise as result of the interaction with federal and local authorities and our clients.

Apostille and Legalization Services

For multinational companies or domestic companies with international operations the use of certified documents is very common and most of the time a requirement to fulfill their obligations before a number of authorities.


In our Apostille and Legalization services department we help our clients to get the certification for their documents for international use under the terms of the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. This documents, once they have been notarized by a notary public and then certified with a conformant Apostille are accepted for legal use in all the nations that have signed the Hague Convention.


If the country of intent is not a party to the Hague Convention, an Apostille cannot be obtained. Instead, an authentication and legalization of the document should be obtained.

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Corporate Law

The corporate law area handles all legal aspects of corporations and business entities as well as nonprofit organizations from the incorporation process and annual shareholder meetings to complex corporate restructuring. We have a broad experience in all aspects of business law, from purchase and sale of businesses entities, due diligences, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures and shareholder agreements to securities and corporate governance.


We assist our clients in all kind of transactions reviewing and advising them from real state purchase, sale and mortgage contracts to financing, leasing, general commercial contracts, wills, and trusts. Our multilingual and multicultural consultants give our clients a competitive advantage during negotiations and closing transactions.

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Immigration Law

Our immigration law practice delivers its services from the perspective of meeting the immediate and unique needs of each one of our clients. We guide employers, employees and particulars and interact with them at a personal level in a way that reflects our dedication to their interests and our respect and regard for them as individuals during all the legal immigration process.

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Intellectual Property

Protecting trade secrets, trademarks and intellectual property has become a priority for any corporation or industry now days.

HAVA provides a number of copyright and trademark services, including registration, enforcement, and advocacy in copyright matters.  We counsel our clients on effective and enforceable policies to minimize intellectual property losses while we assist them during the process of protecting their intellectual work.

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Labor Law

The relationship between employers and employees is the key for any business. We effectively work together with our client's in house counsel, management and Human Resources departments to reach strategies and solutions that satisfy their unique business needs and legal requirements.

HAVA employment law attorneys provide advice on every aspect of the employment relationship and they have a broad experience in state and federal courts.

We also share our expertise with our clients through training programs which can be delivered in our client's facilities or in our own offices.

Litigation Services

HAVA provides litigation services involving a variety of issues on intellectual property, including copyright, trademarks and patents.