Iliana Haro

Corporate Consultants


Finding innovative solutions, quick response, and effectible assistance are the current business expectations that almost every client has when he is looking for a multidisciplinary consulting firm.

We know that it requires a full understanding of what our clients do and how they do it, along with excellent technical knowledge and experience of our clients´ specific obligations. We also understand that each client and his business needs are unique and because of that we want to learn what is important to you and why, so we are eager to speak to you and talk about your particular needs and goals.

We are committed to delivering reliable and timely professional services and help you to develop the correct strategy and method of achieving your business goals.

Our range of corporate services includes:


Services for Multinational Corporations


We understand that establish a presence in a foreign country with either a limited company, a corporation, a branch or a Joint Venture is a difficult process for any business and it can be very challenging when you do not have a direct contact and knowledge of the legal system and cultural background of the country where you want to establish your company.

Our multinational companies services department offers professional assistance from company formation, accounting and payroll administration, contracts reviewing, and expatriate issues to company relocations, apostille services, M&A and more.